Take the main decisions about investments and budgets , together with the financial director, in order to manage the existing resources to guarantee the fulfillment of the objectives. Manage and motivate the team . As we have mentioned before, one of the main tasks of the CEO is to communicate. For this reason, he has to convey to the team the importance of the tasks carried out by the company and foster a spirit of cooperation and camaraderie. Take care of customers . Customer satisfaction is one of the fundamental indicators of company performance. If customers are satisfied, it will be much easier to retain them and generate a stable source of income.

The CEO must ensure

That the company’s actions put the customer SMS Gateway Chile at the center and adapt to the different profiles or buyer personas . Hold regular meetings with the president and the executive council to inform them about the company’s situation and receive their comments. Coordinate the rest of the management team . Director of marketing, finance, operations… all of them must row in the same direction to achieve results, and getting them to do so is part of the CEO’s job. The CEO position is one of the most demanding within the company, and as such, it must be highly qualified. These are the most important skills a CEO should have: Communication .

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As we noted before

A good part of the CEO’s job is to communicate. He has to be Mailing Data Pro able to communicate with the president and the board, with the rest of the management team, with the employees and with society in general, and make them all understand the mission of the company and act in the same direction. Decision making . One of the main characteristics of the CEO position is that it is the person who makes key decisions for the running of the company. He has to be able, therefore, to base these decisions through in-depth research, to take into account all the factors to choose the best option and to take responsibility for the consequences.

Adaptation to change . The market and technology do not stop changing, especially since the emergence of the internet and globalization. A CEO can face all kinds of changing situations, from an accelerated growth of the workforce to a digital transformation process or the opening to a foreign market. Therefore, he must be flexible and able to help his team adapt. Team management . The CEO is largely responsible for the work environment and culture of the organization. He has to be able to deal with people, trust his employees and support them to do their best.

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