he CEO is not a technical specialist, but he must be able to understand all the key aspects of the sector in which he works and have an in-depth knowledge of the market and trends. Innovation and creativity . In a globalized and competitive market, it is necessary to stand out from the competition with a unique offer. In addition, creativity helps to quickly adapt to changes and win out of crises. Good attitude towards technology . A CEO stuck in the past can weigh down his company and condemn it to failure. Therefore, it is necessary for him to be willing to constantly learn new tools and guide his team on the path to digital transformation.

The Evolution of the CEO

The Chief Empathy Officer According to Jack Bulk SMS Argentina Welch, leadership expert. There’s probably nothing worse in the business world than working for a boss who doesn’t want you to succeed. Currently, we can find two types of CEO . The first would be the typical “boss” hated by his employees: inflexible, who imposes his ideas and is not capable of dialogue. He works in a closed office, it is not possible to talk to him without going through his assistant and he is haughty and distant with his team. Fortunately, this figure is falling behind the second type, the CEO of the future , who leaves behind authoritarianism and focuses on building the strengths of his team. He is an expert CEO in empathy, the ” Chief Empathy Officer “, and possesses these skills: Be a mentor to your employees.

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Possesses these skills

He knows each member of his team well. Works closely with them instead of locking himself in his desk, and helps them reach their full potential. Listen actively Mailing Data Pro and offer constructive criticism. It is said that an empathic person should be able to listen 80% of the time. Instead of lecturing and focusing on annual reviews, the CEO of the future listens to the views of his team and offers ongoing feedback. Practice humility . No matter the position we occupy within a company, our greatest virtue is knowing our own limitations and weaknesses and being able to admit them to other people. Enhance strengths . A good CEO knows in depth the strengths of his team and helps them develop their full potential. In the same way, he assigns them positions and tasks that correspond to their qualities and their preferences. Align teams with the company mission .

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