The Emotional Intelligence concept emerges from the new direction that psychology has taken over the last few decades. For many years now, psychological trends have extolled reason as an unequivocal method for decision-making and the categorization of one’s intelligence. However, in recent years there has been a major paradigm shift. Emotions are beginning to be understood as something intrinsic to the human being at the same time that methods are proposed to break with the overvaluation of classical intelligence (rational, logical and analytical). But what do we mean when we talk about Emotional Intelligence ? It is about understanding your emotions and empathizing with those of others ; to have the ability to manage emotions both internally and externally.

In fact, more than just one

Emotional Intelligence is based on Bulk SMS Turkey a set of skills : enthusiasm, self-motivation, empathy, impulse control and trust in people. Feelings and emotions have been found to play a fundamental role in our ability to make decisions. And what can it contribute to our business culture ? We’ll see it soon! Advantages of including emotional intelligence in your business culture Companies have found in Emotional Intelligence a very good tool to understand the productivity of people , the keys to success and even the characteristics for good leadership. Let’s see what are the advantages of working on the business culture taking emotional management into account: Improves coordination and work efficiency .

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Good internal management

Is almost always synonymous with good performance. Empathizing Mailing Data Pro with the emotions and feelings of others can help to understand their actions. Concerns and motivations, which will have a very good impact on coordination. This will generate motivation and good vibes within the team and will be reflected in the results. Improve the work environment . Fostering a good work environment is essential to obtain good results. Making people feel listened to and above all understood is the first step to creating a happy company .

It is essential to observe, listen and understand others in order to connect with them in a more real and meaningful way. Team building . Building a job goes beyond the office walls. Listening is essential for the team to understand each other, yes, but generating a bond between the team is something that goes much further. Get to know each other, understand each other, create friendships, share, laugh. Because a team that goes to one is the basis of all business activity.

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