give employees a sense of empowerment . Far from the usual paternalism in many companies in our country. The worker feels that he is once again the owner of his time and that the bosses trust him to manage it responsibly. Being able to decide your own days off gives many facilities to be able to reconcile personal and work life , for example, matching the dates of the vacations with those of the couple or with an event that interests us especially. The needs and life circumstances of each employee are unique, so vacations in August and Christmas do not have to be the universal preference.

What is needed to be able to implement

And here we come to the crux of the question Bulk SMS Thailand of why companies care about them: a worker who feels empowered, who believes that the company trusts him and that he can adapt work to his life and not the other way around, will be a satisfied employee and happy . And in the end, these positive emotions will also have a positive impact on his work. We are not robots, so when we are happy and motivated, we perform much more Unlimited vacations are not a magic solution for companies, nor can they by themselves make employees multiply their productivity.
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unlimited vacations in the company

In addition, in some cases they can have a dark side. If employees Mailing Data Pro feel so pressured that they end up taking fewer days than they are entitled to. For this reason, this measure only makes sense within a work environment that encourages personal responsibility and work towards objectives . In general, when freedom is given so that each person freely chooses their vacations and the days. There is no one to control you. But it is necessary that each one agree with their work team so that it is a matter of consensus and that it does not harm anyone.

The employee must have the freedom to organize his own work. As long as he reaches the goals set and does not leave project or team mates “stranded”. No more heating the chair! The important thing is to reach the objectives, responsibility and camaraderie . And so that this type of organization does not become a breeding ground for stress. It is essential that the objectives are realistic and appropriate to the capabilities of the employees .

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