Eating in company makes us happier

Meals are a good opportunity to talk and share things in a relaxed atmosphere. Even though we are with co-workers, we conceive of them as a moment of rest and relaxation and we relate to each other in a more natural way. We enjoyed the food the most. Studies show that when we eat in the company of other people, we spend more time eating and therefore pay more attention to what we are doing. Food can also be a great occasion to have a good time! Group meals are associated with moments with family and friends , thus reinforcing bonding with other people. As psychologist Robin Dunbar told The Guardian , sitting at a table with other people activates the endorphin production system , chemical components related to happiness.

Why does eating in company

If we eat regularly with the rest of the team, we Bulk SMS Myanmar create routines and moments together, which strengthen our personal bonds. For all these reasons, and more, at Cyberclick we have had lunch together every Monday after our weekly meeting for more than a year. The company is responsible for this meal, as we consider it a way to promote happiness in the team and to bring the group together. We tell each other our anecdotes from the weekend, how we are doing and work things to start the week. Every Monday we decide together what kind of food we eat that day (although lately we always opt for Japanese, ha ha).

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Cyberclick’s three values

We talk, we laugh, we have fun, and we have Mailing Data Pro two small rituals that help us reinforce the feeling of teamwork: Share an example of something that has happened to us that represents one of Cyberclick’s three values: “Admire people”, “Always find a better way” and “Customer experience freaks”. Tell good news about something that happened to us the week before. Sharing the joys of life is very important! (It can be professional or personal). If you also want to work in a happier company, go ahead and organize your team to eat together and start enjoying all these advantages now.

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