The day of women’s rights will be necessary until there is equality between people. And I go beyond talking about equality, because in reality men and women are not exactly the same. We must fight for equality in rights and in their real application. But, at a social level, the characteristics of all people must be accepted equally. It cannot be that women who reach positions of power lead from masculine roles, and feminine traits are a sign of weakness. We must let the personality of each one flow at a professional level and respect it: in management positions, middle managers or professionals. Everything contributes and enriches. Also, I would like to add that motherhood is an important issue.

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Being a woman is not synonymous with being a SMS Gateway Iraq mother, so we must respect those who do not want to be. And those who do want to have children must receive social and company support. These children are the generational replacement of society and without them we will have an aged society. Having children is good for the family, society, and companies, and it should be seen as something positive. So welcome to March 8 until all this is over and women and men are on the same level.” Laia Cardona, Marketing & Communication Specialist “ I feel lucky to work in a company where there are no gender differences. Cyberclick listens, values ​​and respects women, practically the entire team is female, but unfortunately, until this is no longer news, we must continue fighting .

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” Tanit de Pouplana, Public Relations & Communication Mailing Data Pro The empowerment of women is absolutely fundamental and necessary for our society. By taking small actions such as using inclusive language and working, above all, on the happiness of all team members, we will make this change happen as soon as possible. From Cyberclick we want, once again, to pay tribute to all those women who fight every day to create a better society; a society governed by values ​​as pure, fair and obvious as equality and equity. We want to pay tribute to all those women, because they are the ones who, with their example, will lead us to a better world.

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