So, it is understood that in order to be a happy company , people must first be happy and have all the parts of their lives integrated in harmony: work and personal needs. Our decalogue, at Cyberclick, has these 10 points that help us to be the happiest company in the world. Remember! Any company can be the happiest in the world, you just have to define your own list of values ​​and actions. Here are our keys: 1# There are no schedules The flexibility of being able to start sooner or later makes it easier for us to combine the professional with the personal. Of course, we always take each other into account and make sure that a service is never left uncovered.

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We disconnect from routine, get to know each Bulk SMS Malaysia other better, have a good time and define the company objectives for the following months. Find out what our Cyberclick retreats are like and how they help unite the team. 3# Work from anywhere Many people associate teleworking with being from home to better combine with the needs of the family, but we can always look further and understand that you can be connected from anywhere in the world. In the last 12 months, part of our team has worked from Chile, Germany, Peru or Australia, for family, leisure or training reasons. There is only one condition, agree with the rest of the team and that everyone do well . Since this requires an adaptation process, when working remotely and in different time zones.

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Only management positions or sales people Mailing Data Pro receive bonuses or commissions for goals achieved. We believe that when we have benefits it is because the whole team has worked hard to achieve it. Weekly meal The company invites sushi! Every Monday we eat together after the weekly meeting. Most of the time we opt for Japanese food, since we are big fans, and while we eat, talk and laugh, we talk about the company’s values ​​and set an example that represents them, based on something that happened to us the week before. 6# Greet when you arrive A ” good morning ” or a ” hello ” makes us all happy for the day. Greeting your team when you arrive is important. You show concern, interest, and personalization. Arriving and leaving in silence is very sad. 7# Give thanks A smile and saying thank you opens many doors .

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