Very simple: a healthier company is a happier company, and a happier company is a more productive company. The Greeks already said it: in corpore sano”. Our well-being depends on both physical and psychological health, and the two are closely related. Healthy employees not only miss less work, but are more satisfied overall and are more productive. And if the company cares about taking care of them, the relationship between both parties will undoubtedly improve. What can companies do to improve the physical health of workers? Offer healthy meals. According to a survey conducted by Search Engine Journal , 44% of employees believe that their company could help them improve their physical health by offering healthier food options.

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we have fresh fruit, drinks like coffee and tea, nuts, snacks Bulk SMS Nepal every week and on Mondays we all eat healthy food together (we are big fans of Japanese cuisine). Include exercise classes in the company. 36% of employees surveyed voted in favor of this option, as this would make it easier for them to exercise regularly. Mealtime can be a great time. Provide training on healthy lifestyles . Happy companies care about the professional and personal growth of their employees, and for this it is essential that they are well trained in all kinds of subjects.

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If incorporating

Healthy eating and exercise into the company Mailing Data Pro itself is not logistically possible. You can always include discounts as part of the benefits offered by the company. Thus, employees will have more motivation to maintain good lifestyle habits. In our case there is the option of restaurant tickets for the whole team. Although there are people who prefer the option of transportation or health insurance. Establish remote work. Working remotely and having the possibility of organizing according to objectives is one of the measures that can most impact the physical health of workers. In our Cyberclick team there is the freedom to work from home, in order to reconcile professional needs with personal ones.

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