If there is a company format that reflects the work identity of millennials, it is the startup. In recent years, the technological landscape has been redefined by these emerging companies, whose priority in the first years is always to grow and reach a critical mass of users and investors, and then seek profitability. Responsibility . Millennials aren’t afraid to make big decisions and don’t need to wait for years to take on responsibilities at work. The culture of startups that we have just discussed has dismantled the typical hierarchies, and the person who starts working today can be responsible for marketing in two months. Putting them to perform low-skilled tasks for years demotivates them and makes them feel undervalued. Experience .

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Messaging applications, which many of them Bulk SMS Cambodia have used since they were teenagers, have accustomed them to getting instant responses and always being available. Companies that want to employ this generation can no longer limit communication to meetings. horizontality _ Nothing frustrates a millennial more than forcing them to follow a rigid chain of command that slows down decision making. Instead, they demand horizontal formats in which all workers can contribute based on their strengths. And for this to work, trust is absolutely essential. Flexibility . Sometimes resistance to authority is pointed out as one of the challenges of the millennial generation, but questioning things has a lot to do with it.

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openingĀ  Millennials

Have an open attitude, not only about issues Mailing Data Pro like racism or feminism, but also about the challenges and risks in the world of work. Far from clinging to conservative positions, they are always willing to try new working methods and strategies and see what works. mobility . For better or for worse, millennials aren’t afraid to move, whether it’s to change a job that no longer pays enough or even to try their luck in another city. Instead of trying to “bind” them in any way, companies have to be willing to accept this reality and use labor mobility to their own advantage. passion . In the end, if millennials are very clear about one thing, it’s that life is too short to spend it in a job you don’t like. The engine that moves them is passion.

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