The emotional salary is the non-financial remuneration that employees receive and that is oriented towards the worker having a better quality of working life . For example: Offer flexible working hours , in which each employee can choose the hours of entry and exit that best suit them, or even allow them to work from home certain days of the week. Encourage the professional development and training of employees, so that they always have new challenges with which to feel motivated. Create pleasant common spaces in the office and have leisure options, such as an arcade or a table football. Natural light and comfortable chairs are also important details for the quality of life of employees. Offer special discounts for employees, either on the company’s own products or by establishing agreements with gyms, cinemas, etc.

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The merits of workers, both through frequent Bulk SMS Jordan comments on their performance and with special prizes, meals, etc. Find ways to add value and meaning to the work of the company, for example, with solidarity initiatives or environmental protection. According to the 2018 Deloitte Millennial Survey , 50% of those surveyed belonging to this generation would be willing to lower their salary in exchange for working in a company with implemented environmental responsibility policies. Keep meetings at bay and seek to make them as brief and agile as possible. The advantages of having an emotional salary Perhaps you are thinking that implementing all the measures that I have explained above has a cost for the company, and you would be right.

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On the emotional salary and millennial talent also Mailing Data Pro has tangible benefits : Developing an emotional salary contributes to happier employees in the company . And according to studies, happy employees are more productive . It makes a lot of sense: when we are happy at work, our motivation increases and we want to give our best. Emotional salary decreases staff turnover . This is an especially relevant issue with workers of the millennial generation, who no longer “marry” with any company. The more satisfied they are with their quality of work life, the more likely they are to stay with the company for the long term, which naturally lowers recruitment and training costs. And finally, by increasing worker satisfaction, the emotional salary contributes to reducing absenteeism .

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