How do you feel when you go to bed on Sunday night? Excited about the week ahead, or discouraged at the prospect of going to a job that doesn’t motivate you? Feeling happy in our work has an essential impact on the quality of life. Working is the activity we spend the most time doing in our lives (only after sleep) and also our main source of fulfillment and social recognition. For a long time, managers and employees have tried to behave as if emotions had to stay at the office door every morning. But people don’t work like that: we are rational beings, but also emotional, and emotional intelligence should be one of the most coveted skills in companies.

Bosses should also

Mentors In millennial companies, the traditional Bulk SMS Azerbaijan hierarchy and “chain of command” have been completely outdated. The boss is no longer a dictator who is limited to issuing orders, but is involved in the personal and professional development of his workers. But the role of mentor does not have to depend exclusively on the boss. The smartest companies know how to recognize what the different generations contribute and encourage mutual learning. For example, they can create programs in which employees of a certain age train millennials in company know-how and good practices, and millennials in turn help them get up to speed with new technologies and new technologies. social networks.

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Annual evaluations

Are no longer enough One of the things that is Mailing Data Pro criticized. The most about millennials is their “addiction” to social networks. And although this may have some truth. It is also true that it is a more transparent generation with great communication potential . To some extent, social media has shaped millennials’ expectations for feedback. Instead of being limited to an annual (or even quarterly) review, things run more smoothly. When recognition for a job well done or constructive criticism is given in real time. In millennial companies, communication between employees, supervisors and bosses should be continuous and candid.

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