Can it be a happy company with confidence and methodology

Happiness at work is a matter at the same level as other aspects of the company, such as marketing campaigns or people management. And as such, it is necessary to take it into account from the very conception of the company, carry out plans that integrate its different elements (health and wellness, conciliation, leadership, team empowerment, training and a long etcetera) and have some quantifiable way of measure the results. Within this global management of the happy company, co-responsibility is a key element. That is, initiatives to improve happiness in the company can start from management, but people are also responsible for carrying them out and contributing their own ideas.

The objectives

When we think about the objectives of a Bulk SMS UAE company, what generally comes to mind are the figures of economic results. But to achieve a happy company , we cannot stop there. As in the search for our personal happiness, setting merely material goals is not useful, since when we achieve them we will feel empty. If “making money” is the only motivation, neither the company nor the team will be advancing their personal development . It is necessary to ask what is the organization’s deep reason for being, what it contributes to the world. In addition to this main contribution, there is also a series of values ​​that can contribute to this search for meaning, such as ecological sustainability. 3) Belonging to a community The sense of belonging to a community can be articulated in many ways within the company.

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On a more

Immediate level, the people and leaders of the Mailing Data Pro company must feel connected in order to be happy working together . It is not only important that harmony reigns among the people in each area, but also that the entire company carry out activities in common and its members can get to know each other, even if they do not work face to face on a day-to-day basis. Activities such as company retreats or recreational proposals can help in this regard. At a more global level, large companies and multinationals have formed a large community with different headquarters. It is important to maintain this bond, not only logistically but also emotionally.

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