In happy companies it is not conceivable that these two areas of life are separated, since in reality they are the same. Your work identity is important to who you are as a person, and the same is true the other way around. Having to hide parts of yourself at work negatively affects your well-being. Your roles in the company are defined and you dedicate yourself to something that you like . Happy companies take great care in selecting personnel, and from the interview they take into account what the candidates like and what they are experts in.

It seeks to give value

To all team members, carry out mutual knowledge Bulk SMS Israel activities and discover the most human part of the people with whom we share time every day. Leaders trust employees (and vice versa) . One of the great keys to happiness at work is confidence. Compared to the traditional boss, who seeks to impose discipline and believes that employees will fail him at the slightest carelessness, in a happy company everyone is part of the same team and trusts each other. You get recognition and support .

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Flexibility is a priority

One of the biggest causes of unhappiness at work Mailing Data Pro is overly rigid work cultures. In contrast, happy companies recognize. That there are a wide variety of situations and that the unforeseen can always arise, so they give employees more freedom to fit their work into their lives. Rather than the other way around. You don’t have a boss, but a “gefe” (happiness manager) . That is, that your superiors not only ensure that the objectives are met at all costs. But also pay attention to the well-being of everyone and the work environment. They do not work with employees, but with people, and logically th

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