It has been shown that after a positive experience, our happiness decreases until it returns to its normal level. Therefore, it is more efficient to create frequent events that increase this level. For example, we can turn annual celebrations into quarterly ones. Practice gratitude . Focusing on the negative aspects of the job or the situation does nothing to create a happy team . Instead, if we focus on things well done and show our appreciation for them, we will create a positive culture with a lot of contagious power. Implement work breaks . Taking a few minutes in the middle of the workday to have a coffee or stretch a bit makes us come back to work in a better mood and see things with a different perspective so remind your team to take a break from time to time! Share experiences with your team . The happiest teams are those who live positive experiences together.

And it is that it is proven

That experiences generate more happiness Bulk SMS Lebanon and in a more lasting way than material things. Organize team building activities . A team building can be as simple as a darts tournament in the office, but there are also companies specialized in organizing dynamics to learn new skills and improve company coexistence. The activities vary according to the season . Events that occur repeatedly generate less and less happiness levels, so it is interesting to introduce variety. For example, you can treat your team to ice cream in the summer and organize a snow excursion in the winter. Take getaways with employees .

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Give positive surprises

Surprises increase the emotional impact of activities, so don’t Mailing Data Pro hesitate to surprise your team and make them look forward to the next special occasion. Take care of the small details . Our state of mind is complex and depends on many different factors; Sometimes a small detail is enough for happiness to slip into our subconscious. For example, you can put nice details, background music or things with pleasant smells in the office. Hold meetings outside of the office a.

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