search engine positioning is the basis of any self-respecting web strategy. Within the world of SEO there are many techniques and tools, all with a common goal: to appear higher in search engines, such as Google, when users search for terms related to your brand. To achieve the best results, SEO must be present from the very beginning of the web, so having an expert designer on this subject is killing two birds with one stone. Web design : positioning your website in search engines is crucial, but no less important is the first impression of users when they visit it. A good web designer will not only ensure that your page enters through the eyes, but also that the contents are organized in a rational way and that the user experience is as satisfactory as possible.

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Have a beautiful, usable website with good  possibilities Bulk SMS Oman to position yourself among the first results… but the role of tri-ti-tasking does not end here. The third “leg” on which this marketing multitasking expert relies is copy, that is, the creation of texts that fully reflect the spirit of your brand. That is, it will not only take care of creating the container (the web) but also the contents (texts). 2# Social media manager + Social Ads specialist + content creator This profile is the community manager that every brand dreams of, an expert in the following fields: Social network management : a dynamic person, always up-to-date and who knows perfectly the social networks of the moment and the applications to manage them and measure the results.

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The creation and publication of updates on Mailing Data Pro the networks and customer service through them, but it also has a strategic profile: it must be capable of aligning the activity on the networks with the company’s business objectives and justify the results achieved. Social Ads : organic content is only one part of managing social networks. For the profile to be complete, our community manager with tri-ti-tasking must be able to manage platforms such as Facebook or Twitter Ads.

Thanks to them, you will be able to increase the brand’s social awareness and also contribute to other business objectives: web traffic, lead generation, application downloads… Content creation : social networks do not only live off the air (or product launches). To carry out the proposed strategy, it is necessary to have a more or less constant source of content with which to feed them. For this reason, this profile is complemented by the creation of content, from blog articles to live videos, including infographics and other graphics. In this way, the community will be able to carry out its work with maximum efficiency.

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