Purple Cow lessons for your company to be a purple cow

The challenge for any self-respecting brand or entrepreneur is to provoke ” otaku “. And no, we mean manga fans. Godin uses “otaku” to mean ” irresistible passion “. It is what makes someone take the car and drive a lot of miles just to dine at your restaurant or try your products. According to Godin, the companies that provoke “otaku” are the ones that break the rules in some way and manage to stay forever in the minds of consumers. For example, Amazon, Starbucks or Google have managed to become unique within their sector. 2) Connect with people who have an interest in the product As marketers well know, not all brands are for everyone: each one targets a unique audience .

Therefore, to generate

“otaku” and succeed in our venture, we Bulk SMS Kuwait have to find people who have the ability to become unconditional fans of our brand . The idea is to go first of all to a niche of innovators and influencers so that they themselves drag the masses behind them. 3) Remarkable ideas are everywhere, you just need the will to execute them We tend to think that the most difficult thing to undertake is finding the perfect idea , and that when we find it, everything else will follow. But the difficult thing about purple cows is not coming up with the idea, it’s having the will to push it forward and go against the current . How to find ideas with the potential to become purple cows? Very simple: think about what is not done in your sector, and do it.

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The very good

Is the enemy of the remarkable We tend to think that Mailing Data Pro very good is close to remarkable, and that the opposite of remarkable is mediocre. But for Seth Godin, the key to a company’s success is not quality. The very good is not worth going viral, precisely because it happens all the time. If we travel with an airline, we hope that it offers us comfort and punctuality, or else, we will complain. But meeting exacting expectations is no longer enough. 5) The important thing is to follow an excellent example In Purple Cow , Seth Godin compares the competitive relationships that exist in the marketplace to the flight of flocks of birds.

The birds fly in a triangular formation because this way the leaders break the resistance to the wind and thus the weaker members can fly more efficiently. In addition, the leaders are not always the same, but from time to time they break formation and go back to rest. In the world of entrepreneurship, few dare to be the leaders; instead, they prefer to copy someone else’s innovative ideas and imitate strategies. The problem is that this way they will never be able to stand out and revolutionize their markets. And what’s worse, they may make the mistake of following the wrong bird instead of taking their own flight.

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