EMX by Big Village , the leading programmatic technology SSP into CTV and omnichannel media planning. Buying and measurement, this week announced its agreement with Adform , the only global. Independent and fully integrated advertising platform built for modern marketing. This collaboration opens new doors for advertisers around the world by directly connecting Adform’s DSP with CTV’s first global omnichannel SSP. Through this collaboration. Advertisers will have direct access to EMX’s premium inventory, certified by Jounce Media. An industry leader and award-winning for its data-driven optimization solutions for publishers. “This agreement with Adform guarantees advertisers access to premium global inventory. Optimized to improve ROI and provide trust and transparency in programmatic offering, said Michael Zacharski, CEO of EMX by Big Village.

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Until now, European advertisers category email list have been limited by the lack of CTV inventory , so we are excited to work with Adform, to increase both the scalability and addressability of the CTV market and multichannel offering by integrating its functionality of ID Fusion in our premium inventory. » “Our partnership with EMX is key for us as it provides our customers, around the world, access to premium CTV inventory, in a transparent and measurable environment. “Transparency is in Adform’s DNA and our platform has been built with a focus on data privacy above all else, making this union an exceptional offering,” says Julian Baring, SVP Business Development at Adform. Adform.

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As publishers embrace first-party IDs as Mailing Data Pro an alternative to traditional cookies. Adform has created an agnostic solution that combines these first-party IDs with advertiser data for better audience insights. The agreement allows you to use first-party IDs to increase your reach in the EMX SSP. With the possibility of including CTV, mobile, online video. Display ad formats. Adform has been collaborating with EMX for a long time. Which was one of the pioneers in seeing the importance and projection of CTV as part of media buying strategies. Kate Shkolnik. Head of Partnerships at Future Today Inc, and a regular publisher of EMX, states: “It has been very easy to work with a human team and technology of these characteristics. With the results obtained being really consistent.

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