You want to know both who your audience is and who you don’t want to target in a specific campaign or advertising strategy.

That can help you create better filters for your strategies and avoid sending messages to parts of your market that won’t be receptive.

Knowing more about your industry and the upcoming trends that are occurring can help you figure out which audiences are going to be most  in what your brand message is and who will be more likely to engage with the offering or advertisement you are promoting.

A buyer persona is a  representation of a real customer, and can be  to help document and segment your target audiences within your target market.

A buyer persona can then be referenced during your marketing and advertising strategies by everyone in your organization.

Examine Your Customer Base

How Relevant is Target Audience to Your Strategy?

A target audience is incredibly important for your marketing campaigns and advertising decisions.

The types of platforms, channels, messaging, and formats you want to use will be dependent on the specific target audience you want to capture in your campaign.

Think back to our men’s facial hair care telemarketing list providers example from earlier. Let’s say you are creating a campaign that centers around educating new beard growers about the best way to maintain their facial hair.

You probably want to target younger men in that campaign rather than the older end of your market.

That might mean you use as an advertising platform instead of Facebook and use short-form content rather than long-form articles to advertise to the target audience.

What’s the Key Difference

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While both terms refer to a group of people who are interested in your brand’s products or services, a target market is a broader group of all the people who you think will be interested in your brand.

Your target audience is a specific segment of that broader market who are the focus of individual marketing campaigns.

Another way to think about target Mailing Data Pro market vs target audience is to think about it as marketing vs advertising.

A target market is a foundational building block of your entire digital strategy, while a target audience is more important for your different advertising strategies.

You only have one target market, while you might have several target audiences that you use in different campaigns and advertising strategies.

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