According to Barbara Fredrickson, a psychologist at the University of North Carolina, resilience is part of the good practices to take into account to transform negative thinking into positive ones. Resilience is a trainable skill that is based on using negative experiences as learning and taking stress and failure as drivers of change, instead of getting stuck in bad feelings. Likewise, it is important that the established life goals are realistic and achievable. Over time, turning negative thinking into positive becomes a mere matter of practice. The more we repeat a certain association, the more that connection will be reinforced in our mind and the more capable we will be of automating it.

Learn to dismantle negative thoughts

Watch your body language According to Bulk SMS Netherlands Teresa BarĂ³, an expert in social skills and nonverbal communication, body language influences ourselves and others . For example, walking upright makes us feel and project more confidence in ourselves. Popular wisdom already said it: smile and you will receive a smile. 3) Do sports Among the many benefits of sport is increasing personal well-being and happiness , which improves our ability to think positively. Exercise helps relieve stress and makes us feel better about ourselves. In addition, organized sports provide a safe space in which to overcome challenges and learn new skills. In the end, all this results in greater happiness.

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Watch your body language

Meditate Mindfulness is becoming more fashionable Mailing Data Pro every day, and with good reason: study after study confirms the benefits of meditation . For example, Fredrickson’s experts worked with volunteers who practiced meditation for six weeks. At the end of the experiment, all of them claimed to feel happier and also their health indicators improved. You don’t need to go to India or embrace Buddhism to start meditating: it’s a simple practice that you can do at home in 5 minutes a day. If you dare to try, there are a lot of applications and YouTube videos to guide you step by step. 5) Learn to dismantle negative thoughts We have much more control over our thoughts than we think. Thanks to techniques such as cognitive psychology, we can learn to detect the distortions of our mind and generate positive thoughts.

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