Sometimes we are tempted to think that only people who have a vocation and carry it out can be happy at work, but this does not have to be so. As with romantic relationships, passion and spark are not enough by themselves in the long run. To maintain long-term satisfaction, the most important factors are the working conditions and the ability to self-motivate . By “conditions” I am not referring only to salary, but to issues such as labor flexibility, conciliation, the work environment or the possibility of continuing training and learning new things. As for self-motivation, it is about looking for the “why” in our work and giving it a meaning that fits with our values. And in this aspect, the attitude matters more than the profession itself.

Change your environment step by step

Analyze why you are dissatisfied If you wake Bulk SMS Belgium up on Monday with a low spirits, there may be many reasons behind it. Some of them depend on you, while others are in the environment. Here are some of the most common reasons for daydreaming about Friday : Routine. You’re just bored. Stress and exhaustion, caused by other stresses in our lives or by excessive demands. Bad work environment. Excessive perfectionism. If you need everything to be under control and things always go the first time, you will end up getting burned. Excess of rules. Overly controlling companies end up drowning and frustrating their employees.

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Analyze why you are dissatisfied

Chaos and disorganization. You don’t know what Mailing Data Pro is expected of you and you have the feeling that the relationship between effort and reward is random. Remuneration and other conditions. In other words, you don’t get paid enough, the hours are too strict, or things like vacations fail. 3# Change your environment step by step Understanding what happens to you is the first step to change. Whether you decide to change jobs or stay where you are, these tips will help you improve your well-being seven days a week : get inspired.

For example, in the “Inspiring Mondays” podcast you will find a lot of ideas to help you work with a smile. Establish an action plan. Sit down to think about how you can achieve your goals and set realistic goals. For example, you may want to start by researching training options to improve your job prospects. Take care of your habits. Simple things like taking a few minutes to breathe deeply or taking a short walk can completely change our mood. Don’t confuse success and happiness. Success is getting everything you want, while happiness is enjoying what you have.

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