n mindful marketing, your entire strategy starts from understanding your “why” . Your company must have a reason to exist that goes beyond economic results, since otherwise you will not be able to give conscious meaning to what you do. Once this why is established, we can continue advancing in defining what exactly we want to achieve and how we are going to achieve it. 2) Define your values At Cyber click, our values ​​are our DNA, they are present in our day to day and define our way of being and working.

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Admire People: We believe that humility and respect Bulk SMS Portugal are two fundamental components for any personal and professional achievement. Always Find a Better Way: we always want to go further in what we do. Our mantras are “always learning” and “always testing”. Customer Experience Freaks: We don’t just meet customer expectations of us, we strive to exceed them. 3) Empathize with your customers Understanding customers on a personal level is critical to being able to respond to their needs. These are some of the questions we ask ourselves to make an ” empathy map “: What does our client think and feel.

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Promotes well-being Mindful marketing not only seeks to connect Mailing Data Pro with customers outside the doors. But also to create a happy company culture . At Cyber click we believe that happy companies are those that promote autonomy and flexibility, which is why we have launched initiatives such as work by objectives, flexible hours or teleworking. We also use a tool called “the traffic light of happiness”, which helps us assess the emotional state of our team. 5) Be transparent The only way to connect with your customers authentically is through honesty . Today, consumers are very worn out by traditional advertising and are quick to spot companies with double intentions. If you want to reach them, you have to be willing to admit your mistakes and show your human side.

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