Throughout the history of marketing, our way of understanding this discipline has evolved at the pace of society. In its beginnings, marketing was focused on products; As Henry Ford said, “A customer can have his car any color he wants, as long as he wants it to be black.” Later, we became consumer-focused and embraced the maxim “customer is king.” And now, as a response to a more conscious society, we are starting to value the human factor and values ​​and focus on offering solutions to society’s problems .

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Conscious marketing that asks how people’s lives Bulk SMS New Zealand can be improved through a company or a project and what benefits it can bring to the community and society in general. Mindful marketing has its origins in mindfulness , a relaxation technique that encourages us to focus on the present moment and become aware of our emotions and thoughts. Its objective is to relieve stress, reducing the frustration and anxiety caused by situations that we cannot change.

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Of marketing, this philosophy translates into business Mailing Data Pro management that seeks awareness, intentionality, and connection at all times. The most important principles of mindful marketing are solidarity, honesty, care for the environment. Awareness, intentionality, connection with potential customers and giving meaning to the company beyond economic results. Mindful marketing brings multiple benefits to brands, such as: Humanize the company.

Connect more and better with customers: we are not only creating a transactional link, but also an emotional relationship. Improving brand identity: we have more and more companies competing to get online consumers So betting on mindful marketing can become a key differentiating element. Build user loyalty : by emphasizing values ​​and connection, it is easier for users to . Identify with the brand and become prescribers. Improve relationships within the company. The benefits of mindful marketing not only affect customers, but extend to other areas of the company, such as team relations.

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