MailChimp’s digital marketing strategy begins with its website’s homepage.

Here they focus on the pain points of customers and provide solutions in the form of text that jumps out with authority.

For example, you may see a phrase such as “Turn emails into revenue,” “Get down to business and grow sales,” or something similar, alerting website visitors that it recognizes what their goals are (to increase business) and indicating that Mailchimp has a solution.

An additional feature of Mailchimp’s website is that it is easy to navigate, so visitors can quickly find what they need.

3. Adobe and Social Media

Adobe has  a substantial following on social media and on  in particular.

It accomplishes this by creating engaging content for the audiences found on this social media platform and, as a result, keeps its brand top of mind.

B2B Marketing Examples

A Reconsideration on the Benefits of Investing in Audio, VR, and AR Content

While trends are often about adding something new, sometimes they are the opposite and show what is being  or reconsidered.

This is happening with businesses that buy telemarketing call list are reconsidering their investments in audio, virtual reality (VR), and augmented reality (AR) marketing content.

Wrap-Up: Improve Your B2B Digital Marketing Strategy Today

When it comes to digital marketing, B2B companies must take a different approach to reach prospective customers.

All messaging needs to focus on how your business can help these other businesses and why you are better than the competition.

What is Marketing Attribution

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Marketing attribution can be defined as the practice of assessing marketing touchpoints that customers encounter on their purchasing journey.

The goal of marketing attribution is to identify the channels and message that have the highest impact on the customer’s decision to take the next step in the journey or make their purchase.

It is unlikely that a customer would come directly Mailing Data Pro to your website and proceed to make a purchase.

There are often numerous messages and channels involved in a customer’s final purchasing decision, such as an email, Facebook advertisement, blog post, etc.

Why is Marketing Attribution Important?

Marketing professionals tend to find it difficult to prove their value. It isn’t uncommon to be asked what your ROI is.

Now, while ROI is one of the best metrics to help you truly understand how marketing is positively or negatively impacting your business, it is a metric that is not always easy to get your hands on.

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