We are lucky to work in a sector that offers many facilities for teleworking (being digital), not only from home, but from practically anywhere in the world. But many companies remain anchored in a present is work culture, even with Covid-19 present in our lives for more than a year. If we want to promote the professional development of women in digital marketing, we must offer flexibility in schedule sand workplaces so that they can better combine professional and personal life. For this to be possible, the work has to be based on objectives and hours (not just hours): in this way.

 flexibility in schedules

Each person is responsible for organizing SMS Gateway Brunei their tasks in the way that is most convenient for them according to their situation. And of course, we should not assume that the only ones who need to reconcile are them, let us learn that the whole of society must be able to reconcile. The so-called “glass ceiling” becomes evident when we see the gap between men and women in positions of power. From the company, our responsibility is not to understand leadership as a masculine or feminine issue, but as a matter of great people and great leaders, who should not have to give up their family and personal lives to occupy a position of power.

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 improve the situation 

Whatever your gender and whatever your job title, there Mailing Data Pro is a lot you can do to improve the situation of women in digital marketing and in society in general . The first step is to become aware of the need to fight for change and not stop doing small actions that bring us closer to that goal. The empowerment of women in the digital world and in general is a necessary factor within all societies and which we must promote individually and from the company itself. So that in the not too distant future it will stop being a struggle and become a normality within society. The articles on our blog are signed and written by someone in particular, but this time we want to emphasize that the entire Cyberclick team signed this article, because we believe in these ideas and in the values ​​behind International Women’s Day.

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