Find the balance. According to studies, work is not a top life priority for millennials, who value traveling and spending time with friends and family more. Therefore, the first key to millennial happiness is conciliation. Instead of spending idle hours in the office, this generation prefers to have flexible hours and vacations and to be able to organize themselves to spend more time dedicated to their personal lives. Prioritize work experience over money. Millennials aspire to have a salary that allows them to maintain their lifestyle, but they value free time and enjoyment much more than money.

Prioritize work experience over money

According to a study by Intelligence Group, 64% of millennials Bulk SMS Cyprus would be willing to earn less in exchange for having a job they adore, yes, with good conditions, and they would give up a floor of $100,000 per year if the position is boring. Offer them challenges tailored to their needs. And speaking of boredom, 38% of millennials between 21 and 24 state that they get bored easily at work. If you want to retain your best talent and make the millennials working on your team happy, you need to keep them stimulated with constant challenges. Organizing the work by objectives, offering incentives and involving them in the entire process can help you achieve it.

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ffer them challenges tailored to their needs

Be supportive. Millennials are a committed generation: in fact, up to 74% of them actively work to make changes in the environment around them Mailing Data Pro through different causes. This attitude also applies to their work, as they ideally seek a position in which they feel fulfilled and in which they believe they are helping to create a better world. Value relationships. As we’ve seen before, spending time with friends and family is one of the keys to millennial happiness. And this is not only true for time in person, since they also love to connect with other people on social networks (more than 80% declare that they are very active on them). Therefore, the work environment should facilitate interaction with the rest of the team, both real and virtual.

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