Singapore’s SEO community is a humble-sized, diverse mix of marketers of all experience levels. Having lived in this city-state for a good three decades, I’ve gathered that SEO remains a niche here—but the people within it are welcoming and always happy to . Exchange ideas. Let’s take a closer look. SIDENOTE. Want your community featured? Send me a message. A brief history: SEO groups in Singapore Historically, the SEO community in Singapore hasn’t been particularly active. The longest-standing community—though not entirely SEO-focused—is

SEO meetups in Singapore

There are only two local meet-ups we’re aware of at present: Middy’s, and Ahrefs’ SEO Beer & Snacks event. Middy’s APAC Marketers industry email list community member Robert . Lai launched a spin-off meet-up called Middy’s for marketers around the region to network in person. It’s a casual, monthly affair that takes place in.  Singapore, Jakarta, and Sydney—and you don’t have to be a member to join in. Events are announced on.  APAC Marketers’ LinkedIn page. Depending on how the local community shapes up, Robert says the meet-up might . Evolve to include more structured sharings and presentations in future.

Ahrefs’ SEO Beer & Snacks

We started ramping up our community efforts after bringing in our events marketing Mailing Data Pro manage. Shermin (she’s a star!). In Feb 2023, we hosted our first-ever SEO Beer & Snacks session in the Ahrefs’ office—and have had six meet-ups since. These free, casual events give in-house marketers, SEOs, and business owners a chance to mingle and network over pizza. It’s a . Doozy: We occasionally host content marketing and . SEO workshops, too, where we share insights into our content strategy and use cases of . Ahrefs. Sign up to stay in the loop!.

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