Search engine crawl bots can’t see images the way human visitors can, but they do index them, and they use alt tags to determine what a given image is all about.

Also, you may have visitors with vision trouble who rely on site readers to help them understand the pages they visit, and site readers use alt text.

That said, you’ll want to create original keyword-rich alt tags for each of the images on your site.

Not only does this help improve site accessibility for all of your visitors, but it improves your site’s chances of ranking for searches related to the products you sell.

For instance, if you sell green handbags, you’ll stand a much better chance of ranking well for related searches if your on-site images of green handbags have accurate, keyword-rich alt tags.

Improve engagement with video and multimedia

Need more Shopify SEO tips for keeping your visitors engaged once you’ve got them on your site?

Make videos, interactive content, and multimedia options a part of your plans.

The longer you can hold a visitor’s attention phone lists and keep them on your site, the better your site looks to Google and the rest of the search engines.

Videos and similar elements help capture a user’s attention and add energy to your pages.

360-degree images, AR shopping features, and other interactive elements help customers better understand your products and make informed shopping decisions.

And cross-posting your best videos to YouTube and optimizing them there, as well, can give you an even bigger SEO push in the right direction.

Work on your backlink catalog

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Backlinks are important authority signals that help search engines determine how relevant a site is and how well it’s doing at producing valuable content people want to see.

Think of each backlink as a vote of confidence for your brand, site, and content. Each one represents someone who not only visited your site but found Mailing Data Pro something there that was valuable enough for them to want to recommend it to others.

Backlinks are just as crucial for Shopify stores as for any other type of site, so don’t forget to spend some time building your catalog.

One of the best ways to earn organic backlinks is to produce great content that naturally inspires others to share and recommend.


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