Ugh all Iota developments are carri out according to the 3th GOST and are impossible without mobile applications. In aition there is also a lack of distribution of domestic encryption and information security in other standards “end-to-end” penetration. The business of T1 Group as a large IT company with a diversifi portfolio is connect in one way or another with many industry and international standards. For example T1 Group companies are regularly audit for compliance with ISO 1 (QMS) data centers are certifi according to Uptime Institute international standards T1 Cloud regularly confirms compliance with the requirements of the international PCI DSS standard.

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The director of products and technologies of the T1 group Alexander Rozhkov speaks about domestic standards in the field of IT (see interview of the T1 section of April   ). Alexander Rozhkov (Group T1): Today Russia is fac with multiple challenges associat on the one hand Saudi Arabia Mobile Number List with sanctions pressure and on the other hand with the ne to accelerate the development of the digital economy. In this context the creation of national standards is a necessary foundation for the further technological and economic development of the country. Back in  the Government Commission for Digital Development approv seven roadmaps for the development of end-to-end digital economy technologies.

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Among them are neurotechnologies and AI VR/AR technologies new production technologies wireless communication technologies distribut registry systems quantum technologies robotics and sensor components. Standardization is design to improve the interoperability reliability and security of systems bas on end-to-end digital technologies. Taking into account Mailing Data Pro today’s realities and anti-crisis measures the government is promptly reviewing the priorities and measures of state support. We believe that in aition to the social sphere and business support the priority tasks in the short term will be support including through the instruments of legal and technical regulation of the financial system healthcare agriculture transport industry industry domestic tourism etc. It should be not that in February  Russia was the first in the world to.

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