Cooperation with the meia allows to shape the image of the organization in the eyes of consumers. Importantly, it gives the opportunity to appear in the minds of many consumers at the same time, because the meia reaches a very wide audience in a relatively short time. Cooperation with the meia allows you to achieve the first results very quickly. In cooperation with the meia, tools with which an organization can create its image are important, these are: press releases, interviews, television coverage, radio show, inviting journalists to participate in events, regular column in the newspaper. Principles of cooperation with the meia.

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How to build meia relations? What are the principles of effective cooperation with journalists? What to avoid and what to pay special attention to? Most likely, these are the first questions that arise in the head of an organization that has never had the phone number list opportunity to cooperate with the meia before. The most important rule is to remember that a journalist is also a human being. Treat him as you would like to be treate yourself. And except that… Build a list of journalists with a head. Is your company dealing with fashion? Resign from contact with journalists who deal with politics.

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Even if by luck he decides to cooperate with you, you will not reach your target group anyway. Once you have create a database, contact journalists, present your content and find out if they will be intereste in publishing it at all. Don’t flood a journalist’s inbox Mailing Datapro  with a million messages. If the topic is interesting for him and he decides that he wants to start cooperation with you – I will contact you. Attempts at urging and sending hundres of e-mails asking for a reply are very unwelcome. Journalists have to go through a lot of news every day anyway, so don’t add more unless you really nee to. Build relationships with journalists.