Email marketing is one of the oldest types of digital marketing (did you know the first email was sent How to in 1971 ?) and it’s still used because it works . The wonderful thing about email is that you can create targeted email marketing campaigns by leveraging the data you have about your customer and using what you know about your customers and their intentions. To know if your campaign was successful, you need to evaluate some email marketing metrics.

The future of contextual marketing

Contextual marketing is the process of sending marketing content such as emails, blog posts, or ads to customers at a certain point in their buying executive email list journey . For contextual marketing to work, timing and details matter. What does this mean for a targeted email marketing campaign? Before creating , you must know the context of your audience, customers or leads. Use everything you know about them to build audience and buyer persona profiles. Based on this, you can create personalized, targeted and relevant marketing campaigns.

Measure intent instead of vanity metrics

Data is still the best way to measure customer intent for a given business Mailing Data Pro using email marketing. By analyzing behavior over time, you can identify trends to How to see if your content is generating engagement with your website or if recurring search engine queries are generating conversions, such as subscriptions, purchases or visits to your store. . With this in mind, what marketing metrics would you use to gather information and target those prospects?

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