While target market and target audience sound similar, they both refer to very different things. Knowing both is key to creating digital marketing strategies that convert.

Speaking of that, optimizing your What is Link conversion rate is an important step in creating a successful flow of new business through marketing.

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Examine Your Customer Base

Modern marketing tactics require you to have a strong understanding of your customers, the journey they take to make a purchase, and the goals and pain points they have along the way.

This customer journey is also  to as a digital marketing funnel.

Understanding the different points in your telemarketing lists marketing funnel allows you to know which types of tactics, content, and approaches are going to resonate with your audiences.

It also allows you to learn more about the behavior and decisions of your customers, which can foster strong connections, communication, and relationships.

But what is meant by top-of-funnel marketing, why does it matter, and how does that play into a well- digital marketing strategy?

Find Out in This Article

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To understand top-of-funnel marketing, you first  to know what a digital marketing funnel is.

A marketing funnel refers to a visualization of the buyer’s journey as a standard funnel, starting with the open top of the funnel, narrowing into the middle of the funnel, and ending at the bottom of the funnel.

Each touchpoint in the funnel correlates Mailing Data Pro to a specific mindset a lead has while going through the process of becoming a customer.

Those stages each require a different marketing approach to properly address what a customer’s  are at that time. Top-of-funnel marketing helps you bring in new customers, increase your number of leads, and improve your brand’s reach and reputation. It also helps you determine what types of content ideas are going to be the most effective for bringing in new customers to your digital marketing funnel.

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