9 types of competition and their characteristics + Competition Analysis. In this article I am going to fully enter the wide world of competition and do a complete analysis of the different types of competition that exist, as well as give examples of each of them. I will finish the article by explaining how to do a competitor analysis , it may seem like it is something simple and simple, but it is not, this analysis is framed in the external analysis of a digital marketing plan.

Monopolistic Competition

Monopolistic competition is a type of imperfect competition. Therefore, in which there are a high number of sellers in the market. Therefore, who have a certain power to influence the price of their product. Characteristics of monopolistic competition: There are a large number of sellers or top people data offerors. The products offered are not homogeneous, that is, there is differentiation in the products. This differentiation can occur in aspects such as quality, after-sales service or location.

SEO and link building strategy analysis

SEO and link building strategy analysis. Therefore, It is undoubtedly a website with a domain authority. Therefore, according to ahrefs it has a DR or Domain Mailing Data Pro Rating of 77 out of 100, and that is due to the large number of links it has from high-authority domains. The length of the content is between 700 and 800 words according to the siteliner tools. Therefore, so as a general rule they are short and quick-to-read content. In principle they do not carry out any link building strategy to position the articles. Therefore, but it is likely that they do so to achieve promotion or brand positioning.

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