Best Tools to analyze and get quality backlinks. In this article I will teach you which are the best tools to analyze and get quality backlinks . But do we know what backlinks are. And what is even more important. how can we get backlinks to improve our web positioning. When you start in the world of SEO, the term backlink is one of the first you come across, and although at first it may be complicated, in reality it is not. 

Why are backlinks so important

The Google algorithm is made up of at least 200 factors. Therefore, within these factors there are 10 that are of greater importance and affect web positioning more than the rest. I am not going to go into each of these factors. Therefore, but I will go into those referred to in authority and relevance; Obsolete terms; Page Authority or PA, Domain Authority or DA and Pagerank. The first 2 are created by the MOZ tool and due to their lack of updating and their poor link database they have email contact list been discarded by many SEOs for even years.

How to get quality backlinks

 Guest Blogging. Writing articles on other authority and traffic blogs in the sector you are in is a great idea. I would start by carrying out an analysis in Excel of which would be the main blogs where we Mailing Data Pro could get a backlink. Therefore, and then define a strategy for how we generate a relationship with the blog so that we can publish a post. Cloning or imitation strategy. It’s about analyzing our competitors’ backlinks to see how many of them we can clone or repeat. 

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