If you believe in free will. We have terrible news. At least when it comes to youtube. Because youtube’s algorithm for recommendations drives what people watch on the platform. Seventy percent. That is some seriously staggering influence. Youtube’s  billion users watch  minutes of video each minute. And the platform’s recommendation system is responsible for the majority of those views. So it’s no surprise that marketers. Influencers. And creators are obsessed with unlocking the secret of the youtube algorithm. Getting recommended to the right viewers at the right time is the ticket to youtube stardom. But how does it work. What makes it tick. And. Most importantly. How can we take advantage of this mysterious formula. Well. Ponder no more. My ‘tube curious friends because in this blog post.

Everything About the YouTube Algorithm

We’ll cover everything about the youtube algorithm that you’ve been dying to know. What the algorithm is and isn’t the most recent changes to the youtube algorithm pro tips for getting youtube’s search and discovery systems to work for you bonus: download the free 30-day plan to grow your youtube following fast. 

A daily workbook of challenges that will help business database you kickstart your youtube channel growth and track your success. Get real results after one month. A brief history of the youtube algorithm. To answer that question. Let’s do a quick overview of how youtube’s algorithm has change over the years. And how it works today. Optimizing for clicks & views according to founder jawe karim a.k.a. The star of me at the zoo.

Crowdsource Video of Janet Jackson and Justin

Youtube was create in 2005 in order to crowdsource video of janet jackson and justin timberlake’s notorious superbowl performance. So it makes sense that youtube’s algorithm starte off by recommending videos that attracte the most views or clicks. Alas. This le to an increase in misleading titles and thumbnails a.k.a. Clickbait. 

User experience plummet as videos left Mailing Data Pro people feeling tricke. Unsatisfie. Or plain old annoye. 2012: optimizing for watch time in 2012. Youtube adjuste its recommendation system to support time spent watching each video. It also include time spent on the platform overall. When people find videos valuable and interesting. They watch them for longer. Or so the theory goes.

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