Do This without a doubt it is the one preferred by the search engine). When we adopt link building techniques, we must therefore pay particular attention , to prevent Google from understanding that we are working to modify our authority and ensure that all incoming links appear natural and are of quality. Here are the tips to follow for successful link building : analyze the backlinks received and reject those from unrelated and non-authoritative sources; optimize the anchor texts (the clickable text of a link) and carefully dose the “exact match” ones (in which the clickable text corresponds exactly to the keyword for which we want to position ourselves); use

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the right mix of links with “nofollow” and “dofollow” attributes ; avoid inserting the link in anomalous positions on the page , such as the header, footer and sidebar; use a correct destination URL . Better not to link to the home page too often and also point to the internal pages, which are more specific. Link building techniques: how to get backlinks There are different strategies for obtaining backlinks , with different degrees of difficulty and some more valid than others. Here are some business database of the most effective methods. Search for links Do we want a site to link to one of our pages? Sometimes, you just need to ask! First of all, you need to look for sites that meet the authority and correlation requirements already mentioned.

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Authoritativeness must always be supported by an evaluation performed with specific tools (an example above all.  Sodom Once found, all we have to do is prepare a personalized message , in which we ask you to take a look at one of our contents which, if linked. Could give added value to one of the pages of the site in question. Broken link building Similar to link research, but different is the broken Mailing Data Pro link building strategy. It consists of searching for non-working links to other websites that deal with topics similar to ours. When we find links that lead to pages with 404 errors. We can propose to the site administrator to replace the broken

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