For brands and creators. Sending direct messages can be a good way to build personal relationships with followers. Reach out to potential partners. Or provide support to customers with questions or feeback. Line line is a popular social messaging app in japan 92 million users live there. Out of a total of 178 million worldwide. That also offers far more than just a chat function. With the app. You can send money to friends. Shop online. Stream music. Or order a taxi a super-app. Much like china’s wechat. Line japanese social messaging app line features a timeline and homepage. Similar to facebook or instagram. Allowing users to follow the posts of their friends and brands. “official channels” are where companies can share updates with followers.

Line Users Can Create Group Chats

Line users can create group chats with up to 500 people and also create bulletin boards for discussion. Making it a great app for brands to connect with relevant communities and fandoms. One of line’s most unique features is the popularity of stickers. Digital illustrations are often sent back and forth via chat and. 

Happen to be a huge revenue stream b2b email list for the line. Brands interested in being on line might want to consider releasing their own sticker pack. Or at least learning how users frequently put gifs stickers to use. Viber there are 70 million interactions on viber every hour and users in 190-plus countries. So if you haven’t heard of viber yet. It might be time to listen up.

Brands to Attract and Engage with Audiences

The app brands itself as a “consumer-first platform” with tools that make it easy for brands to attract and engage with audiences. Use ads. Custom stickers. Tar gete messages. And offers to reach viber users. And offer 24-7 support with chatbot integration. Viber also allows businesses to segment existing and prospective customers to be more specific with messaging. 

Purchases can be made directly on Mailing Data Pro viber as well. Viber consumer-first platform why use social messaging apps for your business. Okay. You know what a social messaging app is. You know which social messaging apps are pop-u-lar. But if you’re going to commit to using social messaging apps for your business. You probably want to know the why. We got chu: here are the reasons your brand may want to embrace social messaging.

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