If you think only eCommerce shoppers use the internet to help them make purchase decisions, it’s officially time to think again.

The rise of mobile technology in a world where there’s a smartphone in every pocket means even consumers specifically interested in local businesses rely on Google for answers, solutions, and recommendations, often on the go.

That makes local online marketing and SEO absolute requirements even for traditional companies serving their communities. 

But standard keyword research isn’t enough for a business to get ahead. You need to wisely incorporate local keywords into your strategy, as well. 

Here’s a closer look at how to do it right.

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Local keywords are similar to standard keywords in that they help search engines serve up your website and marketing content to consumers looking for precisely the solutions your business offers.

However, local keywords also contain phone list locale-specific words and phrases meant to help people in your area find you and learn more about your products. 


For that reason, they’re absolutely phone list essential when optimizing any business interested in targeting a specific location.


Although there are many variations, most local keywords are based on a core term (like you’d find in any standard keyword). 


However, they often also add both a modifier (as in “best mechanics near me”) and a location (state, city, community, and so forth).


Around 76 percent of people who use their smartphone to Google for business solutions located nearby will visit at least one of them within a day or so. 

And roughly 28 percent of those people Mailing Data Pro will decide to purchase something from the business they chose.

That’s why local keywords matter despite the fact that they’re often attached to lower overall search volumes than standard keywords. 

They not only work, but they do it in a way local businesses can’t afford to be without.

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