When you ne to communicate with coworkers via video. But might not have time to jump in a meeting together. Their first email does a handful of things really well. But the thing that stands out is their use of the product in the email. By including a video record with loom in the email. They’re showing you the product in action. Making it easy to imagine how you’d use it for yourself. They also give quick. Actionable steps for getting start. Which we’d highly advise for any welcome email gear toward product adoption. #3: mollusk surf shop welcome email from mollusk surf shop image source: really good emails mollusk is a surf-inspir clothing brand bas out of san francisco. Ca.

Sustainability and comfort-mind.

Sustainability and comfort-mind. Their brand is center around creating high-quality. Laid-back clothing that’s in it for the long haul. They also have a big focus on working with local vendors. Which brings us to what they do well here. Mollusk does a great job of telling their brand story in this email. They quickly get to the point europe email list of letting you know they’re not a fast-fashion company. They work with their “friends and neighbors” and create with “comfort and durability in mind.” while it’s easy for brands to get carri away with their brand stories and have a tendency to talk too much about themselves. Mollusk strikes the balance well here.

But in a way that’s engaging

Tell your story. But in a way that’s engaging and communicates value to your audience. Their coupon for 15% off is also likely to help boost conversion rates. #4: bombas welcome email from bombas image source: really good emails sticking with the retail space. Let’s take a look at this beautiful welcome email from bombas. A clothing company Mailing Data Pro design around building simple. Comfortable essential clothing products. This email starts with some striking imagery of the products organiz neatly.

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