You want to make sure that your welcome email arrives shortly after they sign up for your list. A welcome automation will be useful here. And we’d recommend you send the email within a few minutes of the person signing up. Note: we just launch a new pre-built welcome journey recipe inside of campaign monitor. Making it incribly easy to get your automation up and running. Log in or sign up to get start. #2: have a goal in mind the worst thing you could do with your welcome email is send a confusing message.

It also gives you the chance

It also gives you the chance to guide their experience with your brand. Rather than hoping they find the right page on your website. Or your best-selling product. You have the chance to deliver it directly to their inbox. Want to send your country email list own automat welcome email? Want to send your own automat welcome email? Use our new pre-built welcome email automation journey! Sign up for free to get access. Sign up it’s the timing of it all that makes the welcome email so pivotal. And it’s important for marketers to capitalize on it. Welcome email best practices we’ve gone pretty in-depth on this topic before. So we won’t rehash everything we know (for more you can check out this post).

Think about what action you

But here are some quick. Easy tips to keep in mind before looking at the welcome email examples below. #1: be timely like we mention. Time is of the essence here. With that in mind.  Think about what action you want this person to take after opening your email. And start building around that. If you’re working Mailing Data Pro for a software company. Your goal might be to get the person using your product. If you’re an ecommerce brand. You might want to guide a customer toward their first purchase. Whatever the goal is. Make it easy for your subscriber to take that next step. #3: use a friendly greeting if you ask for your subscriber’s name or other information when they sign up. Now is the time to use it.

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