We recommend creating a welcome email series. A welcome email series is one of the most effective email marketing campaigns you can run. Instead of sending one email. You can multiple over a given period of time. Giving you the chance to follow up and give your subscriber all of the information they ne. Pro-tip: anywhere between 3-7 emails. With a day or two in between. Is a great place to start when setting up your welcome email workflow. 11 of the best welcome email examples now that you have the why and the how. Let’s take a look at these amazing welcome email examples. #1: british tennis welcome email from british tennis image source: really good emails this email from british tennis stands out for its cleverness.

Right under the discount code

If you’ve ever watch a tennis match on tv before. You’ll recognize that the image at the top of this welcome email is meant to replicate the replay process when a shot is being review in tennis. Then offers new customers 20% off their first order. Which is a great way to get people in the door and try your product. Mollusk did that in their email above. But what bombas does to make theirs even more effective is add a number africa email list of clickable elements that make shopping easy. Right under the discount code. There are links to their products. Making it easy to reem the code is likely to increase click-through rates and conversion rates.

Uses dynamic content to drive

Want to build your own stunning welcome email. But don’t have a designer’s help? Try one of our pre-made welcome email templates! Rip curl. Australia’s leading surf brand. Uses dynamic content to drive conversions. Case study rip curl. Australia’s leading surf brand. Uses dynamic content to drive conversions. Learn how #5: asana Mailing Data Pro welcome email from asana. Image source: really good emails shifting gears to the b2b world. Let’s look at this wonderful welcome email from asana. A project management tool. 

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