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IT self and its management says Vladimir Makarov head of the audit department at Thunder. According to him working with state secrets implies serious prohibitions for direct executors: for example ordinary information security specialists will not like the ban on leaving Russia. According to the Center for Strategic Research the size of the cybersecurity market in Russia in reached . billion rubles while of the market was occupied by Russian vendors by foreign ones. The Russians warned of an unexpected problem in case of loss of the phone The Russians warned of an unexpected problem in case of loss of the phone Expert Dvoryansky told how to minimize the negative consequences of losing.

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Your phone MOSCOW August – PRIME. In the modern world a smartphone is equal to a personal computer and in some cases even surpasses it as it accumulates all the Hong Kong Phone Numbers List  existing personal user data: payment card numbers access to an online bank email client and social networks. Unlike a PC a mobile device can be easily lost which is why it is so important to secure your smartphone in advance in order to minimize the negative consequences in case of loss or theft Alexander Dvoryansky director of special projects at Angara Security told Prime agency. Often users think only about the risks that applications on a smartphone carry.

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At the same time forgetting about those that are associated with the remaining SIM card in it. Using an existing number on a SIM card makes it possible for attackers to recover passwords for many mobile applications including banking ones on a new device. Therefore it is so important to immediately block the number from your operator in case of loss or theft of a smartphonethe expert notes. However for users the risk increases significantly if in addition to the SIM card attackers gain access to content located on the smartphone he warns.

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