We analyzed the international base in the field of standardization of the IT industry selected the most relevant and suitable for the requirements of the domestic industry international standards ISO IEC levels and developed domestic standards based on them . Now due to the direction taken in our country towards import substitution and import independence the situation may change somewhat but this will mainly concern low-level standards defining for example specific algorithms formats etc. while high-level and conceptual moments I believe will be affected to a lesser extent. In any case the analysis of international experience and best world practices will still be necessary.

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I do not even rule out that the relevance of this kind of work will increase Рnow it will not be possible to just take and apply you will have to take apart the screws and carefully study each screw individually and everything as a whole for the possibility expediency admissibility Germany Mobile Number List  safety etc. .p. application or creation of an analogue. And this applies not least to the standards. Alexander Konini Angara Security: The formation of new IT standards is primarily influenced by existing ones Рnow they are being revised since many things are already outdated. Also general trends in information security cannot be dismissed Рstandards are being developed including in areas that are becoming the most in demand.

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As for the world experience here it is worth recognizing that the quality of foreign documents is very worthy and of course they should be guided by. The developer of solutions for cybersecurity of Rostelecom will be engaged in protection of state secrets The  Mailing Data Pro developer of solutions for cybersecurity of Rostelecom will be engaged in protection of state secrets Rostelecom Solar a developer of cybersecurity solutions has established a joint venture with the Information Security Center which has licenses to work with state secrets. The new legal entity will supply customers from among state corporations and departments with special equipment equipment and software.

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