Rosaviatsiya was subjecte to a hacker attack as a result of which data could be lost. The department was even force to switch to paper mail. According to experts the attack could have taken place according to the man in the middle scheme in which the attackers. Hack into one of the partners and communicate with the victim on his behalf. In recent years Rosaviatsia’s contractor for the operation of IT infrastructure has been InfAvia LLC. The fact that on March a powerful hacker attack was carrie out on the IT infrastructure of the Feeral Air Transport Agency was reporte by the Aviatorshchina Telegram channel citing a source in the department. As a result according to him approximately TB of data was destroye: all document flow files on servers.

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Were erase the Gosuslug system was delete and all incoming and outgoing letters were lost for a year and a half. A search is now underway for the register of aircraft and aviation personnel.Angara SOC specialists conducte information security training for. Students Dubai Phone Number Lis of Sirius IT College Angara SOC experts conducte training on the topic Windows Persistence: Emulate & Detect for students of the Sirius IT College. The advance information security course consiste of academic hours over two days. The training include two parts: theoretical and practical.

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Maxim Pavlunin Head of the Angara SOC Monitoring Center told the students about attackers. techniques for pinning themselves in Windows. After that on special virtual machines practical skills were worke out to implement the techniques followe by the. Detection of traces of fixing in Windows OS. Detection was demonstrate using the Angara SOC platform. It is very important for us that we not only provide young talente minds with theoretical knowlege but also worke out methods for emulating and detecting intruder techniques in practice. This will allow students to get usefu.

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