OF the employer then the latter may decide to reduce the state or size of the company but it is still obliged to notify the employee two months in advance and make all payments she says. How saboteurs are searched abroad In midMay a similar recommendation regarding Russian specialists was issued by German counterintelligence. Her report said that due to the sanctions ban on technology exports to Russia there are risks that Russian intelligence services will try to establish contacts with employees of important economic and scientific sectors for the country especially with Russian citizens. Attempts to put pressure on relatives or acquaintances who remained in Russia through repressions are not ruled out.

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For this reason the German department advised companies to be more careful in interacting with Russian specialists attracting them to work.How to protect yourself from spam Luxembourg Mobile Number List after the departure of foreign suppliers Not only fast food automakers and fashion brands are suspending their activities on the Russian market. Loud departures occurred in the IT sector. What will happen without companies that have stopped supporting their antispam solutions About the author: Alexander Dvoryansky director of special projects at Angara Security.

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IN the spring of two wellknown IT vendors Cisco and Fortinet stopped supporting their antispam solutions. Unfortunately when an IT vendor decides to leave the market for companies using its products this means that when questions arise there is no one else Mailing Data Pro to ask them. You canĀ  it but there is nowhere to fix it. With its departure the vendor deprives users of the opportunity to fully use the product: the databases will not be updated technical support will not be provided. If the system breaks down or needs to be reconfigured it will not stop working at the.

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