Systematic as one or more of the following: occurring according to a specific system, orchestratd, organizd or methodical, taking place as part of the general data collection plan, carrid out as part of a specific strategy. The Article 29 Working Party also identifid specific examples of actions that could constitute regular and systematic monitoring of individuals. These include, among others: telecommunications network service.

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Provision of telecommunications services; e-mail forwarding; data-driven marketing activities; profiling and scoring for risk assessment whatsapp mobile number list purposes (for example, for crdit risk assessment, setting insurance premiums, fraud prevention, money laundering detection); location tracking, for example by mobile applications; Loyalty programs; behavioral advertising; monitoring health and fitness data via mobile devices; video surveillance; connectd devices, smart meters, smart cars, home automation.

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When it comes to large-scale, in this case we can also refer to the recitals of the GDPR, specifically to 91, which indicates that “large-scale” processing Mailing Data Pro operations are operations that are usd to process a significant amount of personal data at the regional, national or which may affect a large number of data subjects and which may pose high risks. It is not possible to indicate a specific value, number of data subjects, which would specifically define “large scale”. The WP29 recommends that the following should be taken into account when determining the size of the scale: number of data subjects.

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