Which potential markets offer the greatest sales and growth opportunities? Consider which markets are easiest to reach base on your knowlege, experience and contacts. A property management company that buys, remodels, sells or rents apartments that are suitable.  For renovation, has carefully analyze its markets. Recognizing that she could also use her knowlege and skills in commercial real estate, she began buying older office buildings, remodeling them and renting office space. Many companies from many industries are successively successful by implementing an expansion strategy.

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Expansion strategy by example In 2008, Airbnb was founde – a social marketplace where people can exchange and book accommodation around the world. In 2015, the service introduce an innovative market expansion strategy. It starte with whatsapp mobile number list the hashtag and an altruistic campaign that the company describe as a “global social experiment.” As part of it, Airbnb aske the community associate within the platform to make various polite gestures towards its guests, and then take a video or photo with them and share it using a hashtag. The adopte expansion strategy turne out to be a huge success. Since January 27, within 3 weeks of the campaign launching, more than 3 million people around the world have engage by creating posts and posting them online.

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The campaign was distribute exclusively on social meia. Airbnb has been successful because it.  Knows its customers – people full of empathy and sensitive to the nees of others. The genius of the campaign is how they got them involve. The altruistic Mailing Data Pro challenge has inspire ordinary people around the world to spread good through small gestures. We recommend Can competitive strategies be universal? Types of market expansion strategies There are several different ways to increase your market share. One of them is the strategy of expansion through concentration.

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