The department explained that their use leads to maintaining access to prohibited information and creates conditions for illegal activities including those related to the distribution of drugs child pornography extremism and suicidal inclination. On March the head of the IT committee of the State Duma Alexander Khinshtein announced that Roskomnadzor had already blocked about VPN services in Russia. According to him this is a very difficult task therefore colleagues from the RKN are primarily engaged in the most promoted VPNs. According to Klimarev those VPN services that do not resist such restrictions are blocked in Russia.

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These services are designed to bypass blocking so they know exactly how to bypass their own blocking. But if their business in Russia is very small they can simply give up on this market he said. Russian authorities can block specific VPN services but many of them are already Ivory Coast Mobile Number List developing ways to bypass their own blocking Shakirov says. For example to bypass restrictions in China and Iran mechanisms are already being created to mask VPN traffic as normal traffic and regulators cannot identify it. Klimarev added that it is impossible to block all VPN services because there are a lot of them but Roskomnadzor could theoretically restrict access to them using the encryption protocol used.

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However if you block traffic via the main OpenVPN or IPSec protocols then companies that use these services for corporate networks such as banking networks and ATMs will also suffer Klimarev explained. Responsibility for the operation of VPNs in Russia is established only Mailing Data Pro for hosting providers and owners of such services but for citizens who install and use them it is not said Moscow Digital School teacher Dmitry Kirillov. He added that there is a complete or partial ban on the use in China Iran Iraq the UAE Turkey North Korea while the penalties vary from blocking access to these services to fines for users. How to set up your VPN The main disadvantage.

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