He noted that the authorities will not be able to access files and correspondence if they are transmitted over VPN networks. A VPN server can be organized by individuals for their own purposes for this they need to rent a computer or a cloud virtual machine abroad or by organizations to connect their employees Klimarev explained. However this requires certain competencies and many use the services of private VPN providers that allow you to connect to their networks he added. Initially VPN services were used for corporate purposes said Stanislav Shakirov technical director of the public organization Roskomsvoboda. For example large companies install it to connect remote employees offices or entire branches to the corporate network providing them with access to internal resources.

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Remote access to it can only be obtained through a VPN. Some companies make it mandatory to use VPN services to prevent attackers from intercepting corporate information. Now the technology is massively used to circumvent restrictions and block resources that are not available in Iran Mobile Number List the country. This is a side effect of the specifics of its work from the side of regulators and the sites themselves it seems that access to a resource blocked in Russia was requested by a device from another country and already through an encrypted connection information from the site is transmitted directly to the user of the VPN service Klimarev explained.

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Thus residents of Russia can access for example Instagram and Facebook owned by Meta which is recognized as extremist and banned in Russia. According to the topVPN service as of March the demand for such services increased by compared to the average daily Mailing Data Pro rate in midFebruary. In the same way in users from Russia gained access to the thenblocked Telegram. Experts also advise using a VPN when connecting to the Internet through public WiFi. At this time there may be intruders on the same network with the user who can intercept traffic and steal passwords bank card numbers and so on. However he will no longer be able to get data from the VPN network.

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