The collection of biometric data should only apply to children under the age of . From the age of according to the Civil Code of the Russian Federation children have the opportunity to independently open bank accounts and deposits as well as submit their biometric data as decided by the Bank of Russia. This is a completely rational initiative as it will allow teenagers to remotely receive banking services through the Unified Biometric System and use other services related to biometrics public services or issuing a biometric passport. It also seems rational to ban the collection of biometrics only for children under years old from the age of according to the Civil Code children can open accounts and deposits on their own. Plus biometrics can be used for identification in schools gyms and other places with access control.

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Proposals to allow the processing of biometric data with the consent of legal representatives or by decision of the minor himself if the legislation allows him to conclude appropriate actions appear not for the first time. Therefore in the near future we will see a draft law on amendments to the FZ On Personal Data related to biometric identification commented Alexander Indonesia Mobile Number List  Dvoryansky director of special projects at Angara Security.Angara Security became the first service partner of AV Soft June Moscow — Angara Security and AV Soft a domestic developer of cybersecurity.

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Solutions have entered into a partnership on unique terms. According to the agreements received Angara MSS which is part of Angara Security became the first service partner of AV Soft. Thanks to the new terms of cooperation the service provider Angara MSS has expanded Mailing Data Pro its offer in the field of managed cybersecurity services with technologies from the AV Soft product ecosystem including areas for protection against targeted attacks and zeroday threats. Among the comprehensive services under the Angara MSS subscription model a service based on a solution for comprehensive protection.

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