IN Russia have many years of experience in largescale IT projects have their own development center partner and service networks. In this case sanctions risks that can lead to the impossibility of supplying equipment and software are minimized. Unfortunately now there are many manufacturers on the market that are only nominally domestic in fact production is either completely or largely dependent on Chinese manufacturers who supported the sanctions or took a waitandsee attitude. It’s not worth focusing on such people advises Alexander Chulanov Abacus. Sanctions have been present on the Russian market since but if earlier it was only small territories Crimea and a few state corporations now this list has dramatically expanded and private business also appears in it.

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Russian IT players will have to make one of two simple decisions: either not work with sanctioned companies checking counterparties on SDN lists but lose a serious market share or simply accept the fact that you work in Russia which means that at any second you will too you Iceland Mobile Number List can be sanctioned. With all this for local companies Western sanctions are not a disaster and sometimes not even a nuisance if the West is closed anyway comments Andrey Vratsky eXpress. To the standard criteria for choosing a counterparty quality of product / services the expert adds one more readiness to work with startups which will obviously master the vacant niches.

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According to him procurement procedures need to be restructured to work with startups but this will give the maximum possible effect. Andrey Vratsky eXpress Import substitution began not on February but eight years earlier. At least in corporations with state participation risk assessment has been carried out with varying success over the years and the processes have been built. The commercial sector will obviously use the same templates. Timofey Matrenitsky Active.

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